Playing with paper

24 Nov

I gave a paper to Mango.

He love it πŸ™‚



Happy shower moment

14 Nov

Mango took shower with me:)

Bird toys

14 Nov

I made bird toys.

Fleece fringe swing for Mango


Fleece fringe toy for Sammy


Mango tent


Sammy tent


Sammy’s tent is bigger than Mango’s

I hope both like these hand made toys πŸ™‚

What’s wrong with him?!

6 Sep

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Parrot food

4 Sep

I give Roudybush to babies.

my boyfriend already gave Roudybush to Sammy when I got Mango.

He said ” I tried many different kind pellets but Sammy eats only Roudybush”.

Sammy and Mango are happy with Roudybush.

I don’t know why I always want to give Harrison’s bird food to the babies. I tried to give it to Mango. I tried to with Sammy too, but of course he didn’t eat it.

Mango looked like he was eating Harrison, but I was not sure.

last night I put only Harrison in his bowl,

and I saw mango pick up food….drop it. Pick up and drop….

ok! Mango is not eating Harrison.

now I am thinking about buying a different type of Harrison food which is with pepper.

I know what my boyfriend will say :p

Mango love Harrison Power Treat though..,.

I made video that is showing how Sammy and Mango pick up food different way.

please watch:)

Zoom in

3 Sep

“What is this?”


“I want it!”


“It’s mine!!!”


“Give to me!!!!”


Senegal parrot 2

3 Sep

Few weeks ago, I wrote about Julie, she is a senegal parrot, around 10years old. she is looking for re-home.

She is very sweet parrot. When I visit her, she always head down and ask for petting.

Actually I went to see her on Aug 26( even after I decided to not going to see her any more).

She was sweet as usual.

She step up on my finger over the cage.



I asked the bird shop owner to take her out from cage.
She said ” if Julie step up on my finger”

I open her cage, and put my finger front of her, then she walk away.

Oh, yeah! I forgot that I need to pet her first, then put the finger under her belly, then she step up.



I pet her, pet her, pet her…… She was so sweet.she is nice parrot for cuddling together.

It remind me Sammy.
Then I suddenly thought, my mind was not for Sammy and Mango.
I was always thinking about Julie.
I remember my boyfriend told me ” no people for more birds, we need concentrate for our 2 birds”
I thought it is true, because Sammy and Mango can’t go close.

When my boyfriend is home, Mango is with him( mango is my bird but he love my boyfriend) and Sammy is with me.
When I am home by myself, Sammy is on my left shoulder, Mango is usually on my right hand .
I pet Sammy with my left hand, and I pet Mango with my right hand.
If I have Julie, where I can put her?

Parrots love to have center attention. Even Sammy doesn’t like share my attention with Mango.

So the day, I decided to concentrate to our babies.

Yesterday. I got comment on my blog from person who bought Julie.
I was so surprised but also very happy that she sent me message.

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